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What is it you are dreaming of?

I will help you become who you want to be, through career, life and business coaching.

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Coaching Tamara Driesmans

Result coaching for business, life and career.

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Solution Focused Coaching

Support That Makes a Difference

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Career Coaching

Are you happy at work or not so much? We spend a great part of our lives at work, and under the right conditions, this can give us satisfaction and joy. But what if this is not the case? Is it possible to change the situation? The career coaching sessions will help you discover new options and guide you through the steps of change and what is needed to create a work situation that brings you more fulfilment. If you are looking for work, I can also help you prepare for interviews and figure out what you would like to do.

Life Coaching

What do you really want in life? And how are you going to get it? Let us take a closer look and figure it out together.

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Business Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur with a new business, who needs some guidance? Or do you have a business that could be improved? Together we can go over what you have, what you need and how to do it. Contact me for a free 1-hour

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Studying at Home

Coaching for Women

Specific Topics

Need help with certain topics like finding your authentic self, setting healthy boundaries, self love and/or self care, limiting beliefs, assertiveness or discovering your feminine power?
These sessions are for you!
Each session we will pick a topic and work on your skills. You can take as many sessions as you prefer or just one.

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About Me

Experienced Coach

Hello! I'm Tamara. I'm from Belgium and I currently live in Spain. Over the past years, I have been working with people living outside of their home countries, first as a language teacher, later also as a coach. I have a master's degree in Cultural Studies and have successfully completed several coaching certification programs - at the University of Cambridge (UK), YourCoach (Belgium) and Christian Mickelsen's Rapid Result Coaching Academy (USA). The coaching I offer is result-focused. Together we will always first investigate what you really want, and then we will make a plan for how to get there. I cannot do the work for you, but I can guide and motivate you to get the results you want. Please send me a message if you have any further questions. I will be happy to answer them and tell you more.

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